I posted a Facebook question asking how to spend the perfect day in Palisade, these are the results.

Michael suggested a hike on the Palisade Rim Trail to start things off. Because Palisade is known for its wineries and great food, it may not be a bad idea to start your day with some exercise.

Yes, as mentioned before, Palisade is the ideal place to take a wine tour. VisitPalisade.com serves as a great resource for planning your wine tours.

In addition to great wine, Palisade also has great beer. Another great place to wet your whistle is the Palisade Brewing Company.

If you prefer liquor over beer and wine, Peach Street Distillers is your kind of place.

After indulging in all of that wine, beer and/or liquor, how about a detour to check out some great art? The Blue Pig Gallery is a must-see spot for Palisade visitors.

Sprigs and Sprouts is another place that is great to visit while in Palisade. It's a lavender farm and farmer's market, how could you go wrong?

After all that hiking and wine tasting, you're probably going to be working up quite the appetite, and the Palisade Cafe 11.0 is a local favorite, well known for their great food.

A few people suggested stopping by the Palisade bakery 'Slice of Life.' In fact, Robin commented that the bakery is "what heaven smells like."

Peche is another local favorite for grabbing a bite to eat. Ashley said, "whatever you do, you MUST end your night at Peche for dinner!"

And finally, what's a trip to Palisade without stopping by the dispensary? The aptly titled 'Weedery' has all of your Colorado smoke needs.

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