It doesn't get much more Christmas in Colorado than this Christmas tree in Telluride. This tree is more Colorado than I am.

Telluride's Ski Tree is one of the coolest Christmas trees I've ever seen. This tree is made up completely of recycled skis that were donated to the community.

Telluride's terrain is legendary and has always been revered as Colorado's best, according to Visit Telluride. This area more than 300 inches of snow a year and has over 2,000 acres you can shred. This means the Telluride Ski Tree is in the first place.

The annual lighting is followed by a ceremonial ski burn to favor the old Norse gold Ullr,, Patron Saint of skiers, according to The excitement is seen in every person in the video of the tree lighting above -- even the kids in the window.

I'm not sure if I could top this tree if I tried. How would I even acquire that many skis? This tree inspires everyone to maximize their shreddage this season and remain lit. (As in happy and full of light.) This tree is the epitome of Christmas in Colorado.

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