The picturesque mountain ski town of Telluride, Colorado is known for a lot of things. Of course, Telluride is a popular destination to go skiing or snowboarding, but the town is also home to numerous big-name celebrities as well as events like Telluride Blues and Brews.

However, just outside of Telluride, you'll find arguably some of the most beautiful examples of mother nature that Colorado has to offer. Keep scrolling to learn about some of the popular off-road trails outside of the famous ski town of Telluride, Colorado.

Off-Roading in Telluride Colorado: Black Bear Pass

If you keep scrolling, you'll be able to take a virtual drive of two off-road passes outside of Telluride.

First, we'll check out Black Bear Pass, officially known as Forest Service Road 648. The summit of Black Bear Pass sits at 12,840 feet above sea level and is an absolutely gorgeous drive that features views of Bridal Veil Falls and the annual Jeeper's Jamboree.

However, it should be noted that Black Bear Pass is not for the faint of heart and those who drive over it take a four-wheel-drive vehicle and have a lot of experience.

Off-Roading in Telluride Colorado: Imogene Pass

The next pass we're going to take a virtual drive over is also just outside of Telluride and is known as Imogene Pass.

This pass connects Telluride to Ouray and its summit sits at 13,114 feet above sea level. While this mountain pass is also absolutely gorgeous, like Black Bear Pass, it's highly recommended that only four-wheel-drive vehicles attempt the drive.

Keep scrolling to take a virtual drive over both Black Bear Pass and Imogene Pass:


Experience Off-Roading in Telluride Colorado’s Backcountry

Take a virtual drive up Black Bear Pass and Imogene Pass just outside of Telluride, Colorado.

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