Ted Nugent is well-known as being a singer and guitarist that penned such Classic Rock staples as 'Cat Scratch Fever,' 'Stranglehold,' 'Wango Tango,' 'Free For All' and others. However, for the last couple of decades, the 'Motor City Madman' has become quite vocal when it comes to politics.

With election day coming up, Uncle Ted has most recently voiced his opinion on a proposed law here in Colorado that would allow gray wolves to be reintroduced to the wild in The Centennial State.

The proposition, Prop 114, would allow the reintroduction of gray wolves on the western slope, an idea that does not sit well with ranchers as livestock owners would be responsible for any damage caused by the wolves to their animals. Because of the liability put on the livestock owners, Nugent is urging voters to vote against the proposition on November 3rd.

The wolf is a liability wherever they are found. They destroy livestock, they destroy quality of life and they destroy the livestock populations that the conservation families of Colorado have brought back to excellent, thriving conditions.

However, there are numerous experts on the other side of this argument, insisting that wolves do not cause as much damage as some perceive. Wildlife biologist and wolf expert Mike Phillips countered Nugent's claim:

Nearly all wolves are shy and avoid people. Encounters between the two are rare. Those that do occur typically have resulted from mistaken identities, defensive reactions, habituation, or a person getting between wolves and a dog they were attacking. Lightning strikes, bee stings, car collisions with deer, inclement weather, or random shootings represent a much more significant threat to humans than wolves.

Ted Nugent has also been vocal about his opposition to gun control, as well as his support for Donald Trump as president.

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