I moved here a few weeks ago and had no idea about any of the driving or license or registration laws here. How do I get my Colorado license and can I take a right on red?

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To get your Colorado license, you have to:

  • Own and/or operate a business
  • Be employed (in Colorado)
  • Live in Colorado for 90 days (in a row)

I'm gonna get that license after I've lived here 30 days (which is coming up soon) and that sweet green Colorado license plate after 90 days.

While driving in certain areas, you are required to carry tire chains from early September to late May. I don't own chains, but I'll be getting some before September!

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I was very cautious when I began driving here. The speed limits, the potholes, and just the whole road structure is very different than where I'm from. One thing I was especially apprehensive about was: can I take a right on red or what?! The answer is yes.

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Not only can you take a right on red (after yielding to traffic/pedestrians) you can also take a left on red. Which I've never heard of! You can only take a left if you're turning from one one-way street to another. And as always, read the signs!