One of the most notorious serial killers in America's history, Ted Bundy, spent some significant time in Colorado.

Ted Bundy Escaped From Aspen Jail

One particularly well-known story about Bundy (that doesn't involve murder) takes place in Aspen, Colorado. Bundy formulated a well-calculated plan to escape from the Aspen jail that he was incarcerated in by jumping from a window in the library that he was allowed to use because he acted as his own attorney.

Bundy practiced jumping from the upper bed in his cell to the floor and during a court recess, successfully jumped out of a second-story window in the library and escaped. However, he was later caught.

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Ted Bundy's Time in Glenwood Springs

Although the majority of the horrific crimes Ted Bundy committed were not in Colorado, he also spent time in jail in Glenwood Springs. 

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