Top 10 Sculptures in Downtown Grand Junction
Art is a big part of the Grand Junction community, and that is very evident in the Art on the Corner exhibits in the downtown area. Of course, art is completely subjective, but here is my personal top 10 Art on the Corner Sculptures in Downtown Grand Junction.
DC Collectibles Previews A Dick Sprang Style Joker Statue
Batman may be the one turning 75 this year, but DC Collectibles' recent celebratory release schedule was big on the Clown Prince of Crime. Topping off the some 50 pieces of Batmerch coming from the company between now and the fall will be a Batman Black and White: The Joker by Dick Sprang statue. Th…
Giant Dong Gargoyle
If nothing else, the ashes of American history have served to teach us that not only is the definition of art fiercely subjective, but that people don’t seem to like anything that has a bigger pecker than they do – especially, if that sucker looks like it just escaped from the …