Batman may be the one turning 75 this year, but DC Collectibles' recent celebratory release schedule was big on the Clown Prince of Crime. Topping off the some 50 pieces of Batmerch coming from the company between now and the fall will be a Batman Black and White: The Joker by Dick Sprang statue. Though the posted prototype photo recreates Sprang's simulteaneously rubbery and wizened version of the Joker as was seen in his many decades drawing Batman in periodical comics as well as the newspaper strip, it's also a dead-ringer for the villain taking a moment in front of a mirror to take a selfie. Truly fiendish!

Like many Batman artists, Sprang's rightful place as an acclaimed contributor to enduring Batman lore was long mired by that one guy who took all the credit for creating Batman who was not Bill Finger. Fortunately DC Collectibles has seen fit to honor the illustrator with a clearly named statue honoring a Joker design so memorable that it can still be seen in multimedia today -- notably in the recent Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated series.

The Joker won't be alone later in the fall of 2014, however, as a Batman Black and White: Batman by Dick Sprang will also be available. Pricing info hasn't been revealed for either statue just yet, but they'll probably go for around the usual $69.99.

You can check out DC Collectibles' Batman Black and White: The Joker by Dick Sprang statue prototype below.


Batman Black and White The Joker by Dick Sprang



[Via DC]

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