Freedom Flask - By Far the Best Way to Sneak Booze Into Places
Since the dawn of times partiers and underage kids alike around the world have searched for ways to sneak booze into places it wasn't allowed. There have been breakthroughs like the flask and Jello shots, but it wasn't until now that the perfect invention had been made.
Map Shows How Drunk Colorado is Compared to Other States
These maps everyone are making these days are starting to get a little out of control. No one cares what Bieber song each state listens to the most or what state eats the most hummus. One of the maps that has been around since long before they become cool is also one of the most awesome... The map o…
How to Drink All Night and Not Get Drunk
You can blame it on the altitude, you can blame it on your genes, you can blame your ability to get drunk easily and act like an ass on anything really, but no one likes it! NO ONE! So how do you go out, have some drinks with friends, and not get so hammered that you are obnoxious?

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