Since the dawn of times partiers and underage kids alike around the world have searched for ways to sneak booze into places it wasn't allowed. There have been breakthroughs like the flask and Jello shots, but it wasn't until now that the perfect invention had been made. 

I introduce you to the boozy bladder... Actually, it's called the "Freedom Flask," but whatever it's called, it's brilliant! Oh, and it's been around for quite awhile, but somehow I am just now finding out about it... My 18-year-old self is pissed right now!!

A security guard will never send much time in that area while patting you down, and even if they feel something funny there, they will probably just assume that you're fat. Plus, the being able to just pull down your zipper and release some drink is quite handy!

The only thing I can think of that could be bad about this thing is that if you have a few too many drinks out of it, you may become likely to drink your own piss...

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