I was asked the other day "Why don't we have more concerts in Grand Junction?" There's a simple answer, if fans will buy tickets, we'll have more shows.

I've been on the phone pretty much from day one connecting with local and regional promoters trying to get more traffic into our market.  However, they all tell me the same thing "We've got to have more support". "We've got to sell more tickets." That's unfortunate. We have the venues. The routeing is great, half way between Salt Lake and Denver. We're on I-70 and its convenient for bands to make the stop.

Art of Dying and Buckcherry are set for The Mesa Theatre Tuesday, September 27th. This show will be my first 95 Rock show and I'd love nothing more than to blow the roof off the place! A packed house on that Tuesday night will send a message that Grand Junction can, and will, support shows and that will mean one thing, we'll have more.

Candlebox was originally on the bill for that September date but for some reason, they'll not be make it.  However, Art of Dying and Buckcherry are two great bands and the best rock show through town in quite some time. Get your tickets now and let's send a message that Grand Junction will support live music and get this ball rollin'! One sell out show will lead to another concert, and another, and another. Not only is it great fun, it supports the local economy.

The Avalon Theatre is a great venue too! It's rare for a market to have two live venues and both downtown. After a solid turn out for the Kansas show last month, I'm confident more concerts are in the works there too.

How many shows we'll have the remaining months of 2016 and 2017? That's up to you, the fans. Get your tickets. With all of us working together, we can make Grand Junction one of the hottest places to play and that benefits everyone. Support live music!