Steamboat Springs is set to launch a record-setting firework

With nearly every community on the western slope banning fireworks, some even canceling their city displays for the 4th, it's nice to share the story of a community going for it with it comes to fireworks. Don't panic, this event won't take place in early July. This record-breaking attempt will happen in February during Steamboat's Winter Carnival when there's snow on the ground and there's no danger of starting a wildfire.

Steamboat local, Tim Borden has a team assembled to attempt to launch the world's biggest firework. They plan to launch a 62-inch shell that weighs more than 2,400 pounds nearly a mile in the air with a display that will fill the sky at over a mile wide!  He's already contacted the Guinness Book of World Records folks and informed them of his plan.

He’s built a custom  26-foot-long 2-inch-thick steel cannon to launch the monster firework.  It won't be easy. “You have to put enough explosive under the firework in the mortar to get it into the air without destroying it,” said Borden. He sounds like my kind of guy. He's already sent up a 48-inch shell that they think was a new North American record. Now Borden is going for the World Record. That's rock & roll!

So this 4th of July when there are no "bombs bursting in air" around your neighborhood, think of Tim and his massive firework. Then next winter head to Steamboat and see if he breaks the record, or blows off the side of the mountain. Either way, it will rock!

Credit: 9News 

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