Saturday is the mail carriers "Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive."

You may have noticed a plastic bag in your mailbox this week. I hope you didn't toss it out. Your mailman, or woman, left that for you. Please look through the cupboard and grab a few cans and stick them in the sack. The 27th annual Letter Carriers' Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive is this Saturday, May 11th


Spring and summer can be lean times for local food banks. Most food drives take place in the fall around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. After the holidays and the New Year, the demand continues but the donations drop off dramatically. Find that bag, toss a few nonperishable food items and leave it next to your mailbox where you're mail carrier can easily grab it. This promotion supports local food banks but is a nationwide promotion and everyone is encouraged to give.

A reminder too, that school will be out soon. Many families rely on school breakfast and lunch programs to help feed their children. Of course, without that option, the burden rests with the family and they will likely require more help.

Credit: KKCO11News 

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