Now's the perfect time to hike to Mica Mine!

It's a local favorite. That was obvious by the ATV filled parking lot at the Bangs Canyon/Mica Mines trailhead on Sunday. It was a perfect day for a hike. Grand Junction's average April afternoon high is about 64 degrees. Ideal for an outdoor adventure.

Ray Michaels
Ray Michaels

It's an easy hike too. Great for the whole family. The Mica Mine trail is just one of several that make up the Bangs Canyon Special Recreation Area. The trailhead isn't far. Just a few miles outside to Grand Junction. Head west on Grand Ave off of 1st street and then turn left onto Monument Road. From there travel about a quarter mile or so and take another left onto D road which becomes Rosevale Road. About a mile further take a right onto Little Park Road and continue about 5 miles. You'll see the road and sign “Bangs Canyon Staging Area”. Take that gravel road down to the parking lot.

It appears that winter is finally over. You've been holed up for months. Now's the time to get out and get some needed fresh air and sunshine. There are literally dozens of great hikes in and around Grand Junction. The Mica Mine trail is a great, easy, and fun way to get back in the hiking game this spring!

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