A highway that transverses the southern part of Colorado has been named one of the most dangerous in the nation.

The highway is US Highway 160 which runs across Colorado from the Arizona/New Mexico border to the Kansas state line. The 490 mile long highway passes through Cortez, Durango, Wolf Creek Pass, Alamosa, and Walsenburg. Highway 160 then joins I-25 south to Trinidad before heading east to Springfield and into Kansas.

Consumer research company ValuePenguin.com analyzed data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to find the 50 Most Dangerous Highways in America. US Highway 160 in Colorado ranked third in the study with 80 fatal accidents between 2010 and 2016.

Highway 160 ranked 32nd in DUI fatalities and 28th in emergency services wait time. The section of the highway with the most fatal accidents is in LaPlata County (Durango).

Also notorious for fatal accidents is the section of US Highway 160 from Pagosa Springs to South Fork. That portion of US Highway 160 includes Wolf Creek Pass in Mineral County which has a reputation for a large number of fatal and non-fatal crashes.

These are the study's Top 10 Most Dangerous Highways in the US.

  1. US Highway 93 in Arizona
  2. State Highway 9 (SR-9) in Oklahoma
  3. US Highway 160 in Colorado
  4. Interstate 5 in California
  5. Interstate 10 in Texas
  6. Interstate 20 in Texas
  7. Interstate 80 in Iowa
  8. Interstate 10 in Florida
  9. Interstate 95 in Florida
  10. Interstate 10 in Mississippi



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