With so many breweries in the Centennial state, you have to wonder which one Thrillist thinks is the BEST out of all of them?

You see the headline and you cross your fingers: 'Come on, Verboten!' 'Come on, WeldWerks!' 'Bring it, Black Bottle!' Then, no.

Thrillist went and had their regional beer experts weigh-in on their sections' breweries. Handling the west for them was Ezra Johnson-Greenough who created Portland Beer Week. OK, Ezra, give it to us straight: Who's best in Colorado?

Ska Brewing out of Durango.  Dang, it!

I happen to have a friend who knows Dave and Bill, the guys who started Ska back in 1995. But enough of my name dropping. Ezra says that Ska has become 'the most dependable brewery' in Colorado He doesn't really go on as to 'why' they're dependable, but apparently, that's the key thing he was looking for. Hmmm.

I have seen their Pinstripe Red Ale and Modus Hoperandi IPA in liquor stores and on taps around Northern Colorado. Good for them! But, dang, why not a NoCo brewer?

Get the full list from Thrillist HERE!

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