Mix 104.3's Local Love this week is all about Sloan Mazur the barista. Here's how Sloan's coffee obsession started and how he made his way to Grand Junction.

21-year-old Sloan Mazur grew up in Bayfield and spent a lot of time in Durango. From Bayfield, he moved to Steamboat Springs and worked for a ski gear shop, called Hard Headed. Sloan still remembers the slogan and says that living and skiing in Steamboat Springs for a year was a lot of fun.

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Steamboat Springs definitely lives up to all of the hype, according to Sloan who says it's that it's an outdoorsy paradise and you can pretty much ski in and out of town. He made his way to Grand Junction after going to college in Steamboat didn't work out.

Here's how Sloan became obsessed with coffee and what he plans to do while he's in Grand Junction.

Meet Sloan Mazur the Grand Junction Barista

Mix 104.3's Local Love this week is all about Sloan Mazur the barista

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