Slayer appeared to be having the time of their life during their performance at the House of Blues in San Diego in association with their appearance at Comic-Con. But things went from jovial to perplexing with just one move by an audience member. As vocalist Tom Araya was basking in the outpouring of applause from the crowd and offering his thanks for a great show, an audience member spat at him.

The puzzled Araya went from all smiles to a quizzical look, repeatedly asking, "Hey, what was that about? Tell me." He continued to look in the general direction of the offending audience member, repeating his question, but apparently did not receive an answer. Finally, he asked, "Why? I'm looking at you. Why?," before security took the offender away.

Whereas many ejections often happen with the artist in a rather heated state, Araya remained calm throughout the incident, continually asking why the person did what they did. In fact, other audience members appeared to be more upset, starting a chant of "F--k that guy" and pointing in the man's general direction.

After the offender was removed and fans started a "Slayer …. Slayer … Slayer" chant, Araya picked right up and resumed the show. You can watch it all play out in the fan-shot video above, with the action starting around the 1:45 mark.

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