Over the weekend a skier on Aspen Mountian lost a money belt with $10K inside. A local ski instructor finds it and gives it back.

My first question, "Why would anyone go skiing with all that cash on their person?" The 80-year-old Florida man says there wasn't a safe in his room and he felt better keeping it on his person.

My second question, "Who travels with that kind of cash?" Apparently, the cash "intended to be the money he lives on for the next four months." Guess the guys not high on using plastic.

Luckily for him, there are still honest people in the world. The ski instructor found the money-belt under a lift. The instructor didn't even open it. He returned to the lift operators and told them, "I found this and we should hold onto it in case someone asks about it."  Good dude. Apparently, the guy that lost the belt plans to reward all those involved in recovering it. That's cool.

The lesson for today; There are indeed good and honest people in this world. We at times are overly critical of others and quick to assume the worst. I'd like to believe I would have done the right thing. Not all that easy.

With all the bad news, scandals, and accusations, this holiday season let's try and focus on the positive and celebrate the good in others. They're still out there.


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