The snowmaking machines were fired up over the weekend at Loveland Ski Area.

Not being from around here I sometimes see and hear things that are hard for me to imagine. Like last weeks snowfall on the final weekend of summer. This weekend Loveland Ski area started their snowmaking operation. Driving back from the High Elevation Festival Saturday night I saw snow on the ground at the Eisenhower Tunnel. They received nearly 4 inches that night.

This is early. Most years it's about mid-October before the machines start running. Last year it was warm and dry to start the season. Opening day was pushed back until early November. Loveland hadn’t opened that late in nearly 20 years. However, they more than made up for it last year with heavy snowfall later in the season.

If the cooler weather continues, Loveland plans to have the first skiers on the slopes in a couple weeks. Once there's an 18-inch base and tree-to-tree coverage, it's game on!

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