This past Friday and Saturday 95 Rock was at High Elevation Rock Festival in Denver. We were backstage with Starset, Red Sun Rising, and DED.

High Elevation Festival was September 22 and 23rd at Fiddler's Green in Denver. The festival was packed with bands like Halestorm, I Prevail, Stone Sour, Korn, In This Moment, Mastodon and more. At festivals, sometimes you have to make your space for an interview. This is exactly what we did during our first interview with Starset. We interviewed them behind a tour bus, using a flashlight for lighting -- no problem for us.

This weekend at High Elevation Festival we experienced the madness of being backstage and interviewed Mike from Red Sun Rising just two hours before they performed. He talked about everything from not having and not wanting a genre for his music and his cat, Catrick Swayze.

After watching bands like Five Finger Death Punch, A Day to Remember and Steel Panther, we had some fun by playing games with the bands. I played a few rounds of "never have I ever" with the DED dudes. Come to find out, ripping your pants on stage is a very common thing.

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