Kremmling and Westminster both claim they have Colorado's biggest Christmas tree.

Whose Christmas tree is tallest?

I'm not sure if the title of "Home of Colorado's Tallest Living Christmas Tree" is worth feuding over but the conversation continues. Apparently, the debate between these two Colorado towns, Kremmling and Westminster, has been going on for years. Each claiming that their decorated tree is taller than the other.

Kremmling Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Tara Sharp, told 9News she knows exactly who's is taller.

“It’s a huge deal around here we take a lot of pride in our tallest living Christmas tree around here."

However, head to Westminster and the Historical Society President Linda Graybeal, and she'll tell you at West 73rd Avenue and Bradburn Boulevard, over next to the Westminster Fire Station #1, you'll find Colorado's tallest.

It seems obvious that the best way to settle this is to take a measurement. It's not that easy. Apparently, both have been "officially measured" and the results are the Westminster tree comes in at 64 Feet, 2 inches.

The Kremmling tree is said to be 65 Feet even. That's that, right? Nope. Both were measured by their local fire departments and there lies the controversy. And there's this...“Every time we would put forth our measurement, Kremmling would come out with a measurement a few inches taller,” Graybeal said. So the debate continues.

So what have learned? That Christmas feuds can be fun and definitely that SIZE MATTERS!

Credit: 9News

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