Driving to the top of Pikes Peak may no longer be an option.

It looks like you won't be able to drive to the top of Pike's Peak this summer. Instead, you'll be required to park and ride a shuttle to the summit. The Summit House Restaurant and Gift Shop are scheduled to start construction of a new store. That project will eliminate about half the existing parking on the top of the mountain.

Every year nearly half a million people drive up the Pikes Peak Highway to the top.  Another 300,000 used the Pikes Peak Cog Railway, and now that's shut down. Until the construction project is completed the shuttle service will be the only way to the top.

The shuttle would take passengers from about 30 vehicles to the top and back. 15 cars would park at the Devil's Playground lot. Another 15 would load into shuttles from the parking lot near the start of the annual International Hill Climb location. A third location will be at the Glen Cove stop on the way to the top. The shuttle service could get underway as soon as May 31 if the Colorado Springs City Council approves the operation.

Credit: The Gazette

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