It's been a month since visitors have been able to access the summit.

The Pikes Peak Highway has been closed since February 27th. As of last week, the highway to the top was closed at the 16-mile marker. Snow plows and heavy equipment have been working to clear the road that has as much as 20 feet of snow!  "We haven't had much snow on the summit because of high winds, but we've had up to 20 feet of snow on the highway below the summit," reports Pikes Peak Park Ranger Chuck Struck.

Crews working to clear the road say, "The snow's still deep up there, but we're hoping to open the summit to traffic sometime soon..." It's possible the road will be cleared by the weekend. After last week's 'Blizzard Bomb' setback the weather has been mild and crews are able to get more snow removed.

The last couple of winters have been mild and the summit reachable on most days in March. The summit highway was open 21 days last March. So far, this month that number has been zero.

For the latest Pikes Peak Highway road conditions call 719-385-7325.

Credit: KRDO

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