A Colorado Company manufactures portable student shields.

Will you kids school supply list one day include a portable shield? Let's hope it never comes to that but if your child wants to feel more secure at school, Angel Armor a Fort Collins-based company now makes backpack shields.

The company designs body armor for law enforcement. They've also designed portable shields for civilians. The idea was to make sure something that's lightweight and easily carried. The shield can protect vital organs and body parts in an active shooter situation.

The company reports demand for these products is on the rise. Not just at schools but anyplace you may feel exposed and vulnerable. These protective shields can be carried in backpacks, purses, and briefcases. The shields come in four sizes ranging in prices from $109 to $159.

It's hard to believe the time has come to consider such protection. It is the "times" we live in today.

Credit: Fox31

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