Many schools across the country are closing in honor of Monday's eclipse. Should Colorado schools close too?

I get that Colorado isn't among the many states that will witness totality on Monday. However, many locals plan to travel to the neighboring Wyoming to observe the celestial wonder. For at least a few hours midday Monday, little if any, work will get done as schools and businesses pause to gaze upwards.

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My home state of Missouri will be grand zero for Monday's eclipse as the path of total darkness will cross the entire state from north of Kansas City to just south of St. Louis. Several area St. Louis schools have already announced that they'll be closed. The Crocker, Missouri school district is canceling school. Not to celebrate the day but to prevent litigation. School leaders say the district's insurance company is requiring a liability waiver signed by parents. The waiver would cover any damage to a student's eyes from looking at the eclipse. Instead, they gave the kids the day off. The Lincoln, Nebraska schools will be closed for what's being called a "special eclipse celebration."

So why not? The last time an eclipse traveled across North America was 99 years ago. The next US visible eclipse will be April 8th, 2024. It isn't like the kids get to celebrate this event all that often. Give them the day off.  Heck, let's all take the day off and road trip up to Wyoming. I'll drive!

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