We are a state divided, and the issue that is dividing Colorado is the question of whether or not to eliminate Daylight Saving Time.

The Colorado legislature killed a measure that would have eliminated Daylight Saving Time in the state, meaning we no longer would be moving our clocks forward in the spring.Colorado HB 1118 would have kept Colorado on standard time all year.

Typically, the first weekend of March we move our clocks forward one hour which "gives" us more daylight at the end of the day. Then, on the first Sunday in November we "fall back" one hour which gives us daylight earlier in the morning and returns us to Mountain Standard Time.

Some people want to eliminate Daylight Saving Time simply because they hate having to change their clocks twice a year. Others have legitimate concerns about child safety before or after school - or concerns about working in the dark at the end of the day.

One argument is to spring forward in March and stay there, theoretically giving us daylight during the waking hours all year long.

The issue isn't dead yet. According to 9 News, the bill will be re-introduced to put Colorado on Mountain Daylight Time all year long.

Personally, I like having the "extra" daylight after my work day so I have time to do work in the yard or do some recreation. But, to be perfectly honest, the arguments for and against the changing time confuse me. So, I will ask you what we should do, leave things the way the are, or get on Standard or Daylight time and stay there?


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