There are several states that are looking to end Daylight Saving Time. Should Colorado?

As you probably know 2 of our 50 states don't observe Daylight Saving Time. Those would be Arizona and Hawaii. I get why Hawaii may not care about the whole time-saving deal. They're so far from the mainland that they're like they're own country. Besides who needs a clock if you're living in paradise? I'm not sure what Arizona's deal is. Supposedly in 1968, while the rest of the country jumped on board, Arizona decided not to because of something about the long hot summer days. In July, the sun would set at 7:40 p.m. instead of the DST of 8:40. The extra hour would keep kids up later because it's too bright and too hot to go to bed. Really?

Florida, South Carolina, and Texas all have bills moving through their legislatures looking to move away from the clock change. Texas is currently trying to exempt itself and to no longer be in two different time zones (Central and Mountian). If the measure in Florida passes, 2019 will be the year Florida no longer makes the clock changes every spring and fall.

What are your thoughts? Should Colorado ditch Daylight Saving Time or are you a fan? What about DST year around?

Credit: Denver7

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