When I saw..."Nickelback's Feed The Machine Tour with special guests Daughtry and Shaman's Harvest on September 12th at Red Rocks!" I must admit, I was excited for my friends from back in Missouri.

When you've known this band as long as I have, it's hard not to pull for them. Shaman's Harvest one of the hardest working bands I know and far from an "overnight success." These guys have been at this since 1996.

Ray Michaels

The humble beginnings started out in the Midwestern town of Jefferson City, Missouri. According to the best of my recollection, and the band's website, Bassist Matt Fisher and singer Nathan Hunt began a collaboration with guitarist Josh Hamler. These three are the foundation and core of Shaman's Harvest. Fisher reflects, "Drake and I have been through a tremendous amount of high's and low's together in our years. We have somehow managed to keep this music marriage together. Playing music has squashed our differences, and it is our synergy. I believe we share a soul in it. From the moment I meet him in his mother's basement in August 1996 I've held the conviction, he is a rare talent you might find once in your life." guitarist Josh Hamler echoes these sentiments sharing, "Nate has the gift of voice. A voice that almost any vocalist would dream of having. He brings a very artistic approach to songwriting making even the simplest songs very unique, original, and very much that Shaman's Harvest sound."

Ray Michaels

My contribution to the effort is a small one, but if you were to ask the guys, a significant one. I was one of the very first Program Directors to officially "add" the band to my radio station's playlist. It wasn't because they were from Missouri. Or that I had known of them since thier earlist days playing bars in mid-Missouri and around Lake of the Ozarks, no it was becase they have real talent and are great at what they do.

Ray Michaels

They've just returned from a European tour with Black Stone Cherry. There have been other cool previous tours. Playing some big festivals in the past as well. However, this Nickelback tour is a big step forward. In this day and age of music, bands, and touring, that's about as good as it get's. Keep moving forward.

Do yourself a favor and get yourself to Red Rocks this September and see these guys. Tickets go on-sale February, 11th at 10 a.m. Get them by clicking HERE. Oh, there is a couple other bands on the bill you may have heard of, Daughtry and some band from Canada...Nickleback I think is their name.

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