Sevendust have built a rather large fanbase over the years, and it's because of that devoted following that they are now promoting their brand-new 'Time Travelers & Bonfires' acoustic album (available at iTunes).

Frontman Lajon Witherspoon spoke with 'Loudwire Nights' host Full Metal Jackie about how the album came about and his thoughts on performing acoustic. Witherspoon also shares a laugh about how playing music has changed as he's gotten older. Check out Lajon Witherspoon's chat with Full Metal Jackie below:

Loudwire Nights, Full Metal Jackie. On the show with us this evening, Mr. Lajon of Sevendust, what's up?

How are you doing beautiful?

It's good to see you.

It's good to see you too.

It's been a really long time. You're here to celebrate the release of the new Sevendust record 'Time Travelers & Bonfires' -- a very cool acoustic record that was a long time in the making.

Right. We did this 10 years ago maybe with 'Southside Double-Wide: Acoustic Live' and with that being said, we only did 14 shows. Over the last few years a lot of people have been asking for us to do another album like that. So we had the time to do it and we decided to go with the flow. I felt like we were able to take it away from the machine for the first time. Without the people out there, beautiful friends and family, we wouldn't have been able to do this.

Recording an acoustic disc and touring an acoustic set gives you a chance to showcase Sevendust in a different way. What does playing acoustically reveal about your songs?

It's under the microscope, I think you can hear me sing more than you're normally able to. Kind of going up against a lot of different things, but it's a scaled down version of what we do but a more serious version, I think.

Do you enjoy it?

Oh, I love it! It's great. It's a storytelling thing too. I can't sit down the whole time either, I'm used to rocking and my emotion is -- I like to stand. A lot of times you'll see me out there really getting up and throwing it down. It'll be cool.

I know you guys always have a great time performing. It reflects in the audience. I feel like if the band that's performing has a good time, the people in the crowd will feel it.

I truly believe in that, I believe music is magic. I feel like we create magic each night.

The 'An Evening With Sevendust' tour is happening now through late June. You guys have a lot of touring coming up.

Yeah, they're asking for the show, they like it. It's really cool and it's exciting to share these -- I feel like the six songs we picked, they're like new songs. It's really cool, it's a whole different type of energy.

Both as a performer and a listener, how has the way music fulfilled you changed from when you were a boy to a young man to now?

It's definitely changed until now. Now, I'm not that young kid that didn't have any responsibilities. I have a child, I have kids, a wife. I was saying earlier today, I feel like I have more responsibility. We all do. Sometimes I find myself, like, 'Oh man, I can't say a cuss word. I can't believe it! This guy I've known I've known for a million years has a lovely daughter at the show and I'm not going to cuss at her.'

Lajon has grown up! [laughs]

It's crazy that I think about things like that. But it's a beautiful thing to even be still doing this, something that we love to do.

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