The Grammy Awards will take place on Feb. 15 at 8PM ET in Los Angeles at the Staples Center, but a few hours before the TV telecast, a number of the honors will be dished out to acts of all genres. One of those pre-telecast honors is the Best Metal Performance, a category that includes first time nominees Sevendust. In the exclusive video above, the band's Clint Lowery and Lajon Witherspoon share their thoughts on getting the nomination for their song "Thank You."

Lowery tells us that it took a few days for the impact of receiving the Grammy nomination to sink in, but now that it has, he's excited for it. "For me it was the outpour of support we got," says Lowery. "My wife got emotional right off the bat. All these people and friends and old people I haven't talked to in forever hit me up saying congratulations. So the magnitude took a while, it took a couple of days to sink in. We're not the kind of band that are like, 'Aw, who cares about that stuff?' No, we actually enjoy it."

As for Witherspoon, as he's stated prior, regardless of if they win, they can't take the nomination away from them. And while the Grammy may not always be considered "cool" in the genre, that doesn't matter to vocalist Lajon Witherspoon. "Guess what? I can't wait to get there. If we get it, I'm excited," says the vocalist. "For us, as a kid growing up that was something that you … the Grammy Award show, man, you couldn't wait to see that. Now to invite us there and to have a nomination too, man, I can't wait to get there."

When asked about Corey Taylor's recent response that he has no time for the Grammys, Witherspoon stated, "To each his own. I don't have any problem with his opinion, but as far as I'm concerned, it's a chance for us to do something we hadn't done before. So it's a big deal no matter what."

To get more of the interview, watch the clip in full above. And check back on Feb. 15 to see if Sevendust win a Grammy in their first try.

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