Grammy night has come and gone and Sevendust did not walk away with a Grammy statue last week. However, the loss has not dampened the band's spirits one bit and frontman Lajon Witherspoon shared his appreciation for the experience and offered congratulations to Ghost, who won the Best Metal Performance for "Cirice"

Speaking with Do You Know Jack? host Jack Antonio, Witherspoon stated, "My hat's off to them. Obviously, if it would have been me voting, I would have voted for Sevendust [laughs] at the end of the day, of course. But I'm happy all around. And my hat's off to Ghost that won. I hope they do big things with it and wear it well. And you would never hear anything bad from me, because I just feel like bad energy … If you don't have anything good to say, then I'm not gonna say it; I'm a true believer in that. So I'm happy with everyone that was there and all the people that won the Grammys. What a feat to accomplish."

The nomination for "Thank You" was the band's first Grammy nod of their career, so the full experience was new to the band. Witherspoon says his friend, San Diego Padres pitcher James Shields, made the visit fun for his family, helping to set them up right by the Staples Center. "We kind of looked at it as a once-in-a-lifetime trip, so we did it real big. We stayed right across the street," said Witherspoon. "The red carpet was nothing like I would have even thought it. I thought it was gonna be this red carpet and you kind of just walk down this little thing and they've got pictures taken. It was inside a humongous tent and it went on for miles. It was pretty cool, man, to have the different people want to talk to you and take pictures. And just the whole energy was contagious for the Grammys for me."

With the Grammys behind them, Sevendust will turn their attention to touring this spring. Having taken some time off for the holidays and allowing for Witherspoon to spend some time with his family after the birth of his third child, the group will continue their support of the Kill the Flaw album, with special guests Trivium and Like a Storm joining them on tour. Dates can be found here.

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