The Black Monarch Hotel in Victor offers a few fascinating choices for rooms.

Located in Southeast Colorado, the hotel has a number of serial killer themes rooms that offer excellent detail and a stay that could be described as creepy.

The hotel's serial killer-themed rooms include H.H. Holmes, the mastermind behind the Chicago Murder Castle and the murderous Queen, Hungary's Elizabeth Bathory, who believed if she killed her servants and bathed in their blood it would restore her youth.

The hotel also has a room dedicated to Nicola Tesla, who locals say was responsible for the wiring in the building.

Guests have claimed to have seen a female at the top of the staircase as well as the ghost of a miner believed to have been shot in the hotel. They have also reported loud laughing, partying and shouting coming from areas of the hotel, but when checked, no one was there.

Ownership plans to expand the turn of the century hotel as well, planning a rooftop patio, new rooms, and bathrooms in each room.

So if you like a bit of history, a scare or two and access to some amazing hiking trails and other outdoor activities you might want to check this one out.

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