The 'Creed Shreds' series is as essential to life as water, food and shelter. In fact, we have it on good authority that Maslow's hierarchy will soon be updated to include 'Creed Shreds' as the pyramid's new base. Fans who have seen the videos have all wondered, "Has Scott Stapp seen these?!" And we're delighted to report that the answer is yes.

'Creed Shreds' consists of four episodes, with number three widely considered as the most side-splitting. Taking professionally-shot concert footage of Creed, the audio was swapped with vocal and instrumental nonsense, creating the ultimate parody of one of rock's most polarizing bands.

'Creed Shreds' began to take the internet by storm in the late 2000s, but it took Scott Stapp until late 2013 to watch 'Creed Shreds 3' for the first time.

While visiting the 'Preston and Steve' radio show, 'Creed Shreds 3' was pulled up for Stapp to either enjoy or despise. The suspense reaches Hitchcock-like heights, but as the video begins to play, a huge smile appears on Stapp's face as he reacts, "That's awesome!" Stapp watches the video from beginning to end, elated throughout its three-minute runtime.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Scott Stapp has a good enough sense of humor to laugh at himself. Watch Stapp's reaction to 'Creed Shreds 3' in the video above and check out the original video below.

Creed Shreds 3