This year was supposed to be the almighty year of the reunion tour before the coronavirus pandemic shut down the touring industry worldwide. With all eyes on 2021, could we also see a full Creed reunion as well? The band updated their Facebook profile photo with an old group shot, igniting rumors of their imminent return.

We've seen this before: five years after initially splitting up in 2004, the Christian rock group reformed and released their fourth album, Full Circle. After touring the globe behind the record, Creed disbanded once more in 2012.

Singer Scott Stapp returned to his solo career and issued one album with the band Art of Anarchy. Meanwhile, the rest of Creed's lineup placed their focus back on Alter Bridge, which was formed after Creed broke up the first time and they recruited singer Myles Kennedy. Plus, guitarist Mark Tremonti's self-titled band emerged in the period since the last album, keeping him going back and forth between the two groups while Creed remained on hiatus.

On June 8, Creed made a pair of updates to their Facebook profile, swapping the top banner to reflect the design of a greatest hits compilation, which has recently been made available on vinyl for the first time. More importantly, a full band photo from the reunion era was designated as the band's profile picture. It's worth noting that previous profile images did not feature any of the band's members, just the band logo against various backgrounds and album covers.

In recent years, there's been rumblings of a Creed reformation. In 2018, Mark Tremonti admitted that he was "sitting on an entire Creed album," noting the material was from the band's reunion era. Last year, Stapp told Loudwire Nights radio host Toni Gonzalez, "Everything's positive with [Creed]. I love those guys, we share so much history together and so many amazing things that we accomplished together as a band."

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