It's neat when a small town from Colorado gets a mention on national T.V. 175 miles from Fort Collins is Parshall, whose post master was mentioned on John Oliver's show.

In the most recent episode of John Oliver's show 'Last Week Tonight,' he talked about the troubled United States Postal Service. A part of the segment really caught my attention, because it talked about Colorado.

John was talking about how post offices in rural areas often become a meeting spot for the people who live there, and utilized footage from a PBS special shot in 2011.

The post master, Grant Burger, talked about how he'd become close with the people in his area, and had even helped a few bury their dogs while on his lunch hour. I guess John thought that was pretty funny. I thought it was nice.

If you Google the post office in Parshall, which is about 20 minutes west of Grandby, it looks like the building used to be a motel's office. I wonder what stories that post office could tell.

Burger still seems to be the post master there, too. It could definitely be worth the road trip to spend a peaceful day in a small mountain town, and be sure to drop by and see the friendly neighborhood post master.

Check out Grant, starting at 3:36, in the video below.

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