Rocky Mountain National Park increases in size.

A recent press release from the National Park Trust confirms that Rocky Mountain National Park has added 33 acres. The addition is tiny when you consider the park spans 265,769 acres. That's roughly 358 square miles. The new addition is small compared to the overall size of the park. It's quality, not quanity. The newly added parcle is protected federal wilderness in the Wild Basin area. It's said to be prime hiking, fishing, and The land was formerly the largest privately-held piece of land in the Wild Basin part of the park.

There are a couple structures on the property. The two-story home and an access road will be removed in effort to return the land to its natural state. The parcel contains an overlook that's said to be “seen from every vantage point within the Wild Basin area.” Sounds like an amazing piece of property. This addition will make an already amazing place that much more special.

I've only made one visit to the park since my arrival a couple years ago. I've got to make time to get back over there before winter sets in.

Here are few Rock Mountain National Park fun facts:

  • The park averages around 3 million visitors a year.
  • Hundreds of species of animals call the park home, including moose, elk, deer, bighorn sheep, cougar, bear, fox, bobcat, marmot, beaver, porcupine, and badger, among others. The parks lakes and streams are home to several species of fish, including 4 different kinds of trout.
  • 282 different kinds of birds have been reported to live in or visit the park since the designation of Rocky Mountain National Park in 1915.
  • Longs Peak is the tallest mountain in the park, with a peak elevation of 14, 259 feet.
  • The park's Trail Ridge Road opened in the summer of 1932. 11 miles of the road is above timberline. Because Trail Ridge Road climbs to an elevation of 12,183 feet, it’s one of the best places in the world to star gaze. The park is open 24 hours so if you've not done it, drive to a high point along the road and settle in for out-of-this-world celestial viewing!


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