Vail, Colorado is easily one of the most famous ski towns, containing one of the most famous ski resorts, in the world. Vail is home to the super-wealthy and is full of world-class hotels and shops.

However, back in the 1970s the town of Vail was much different. Sure, the ski mountain was still world-famous and still hosted world-renowned ski events, but there was a whole different vibe to the town and the people who hung around.

Vail Colorado in the 1970s

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A video has surfaced depicting Vail, Colorado and its world-famous ski mountain back in the 1970s, narrated by John Jay.

In the video, Jay says that Vail is the "largest single mountain complex in America" and that the town itself is nine miles long. The World Alpine Championship was held in Vail two years prior to the video being filmed but there are many things in this video that paint an entirely different picture of Vail than what we know it as today.

One notable thing about the day depicted in the video is that it takes place on March 28th, the day before Easter, sometime in the 1970s. At the top of Vail Mountain we are shown a party with skiers wearing wacky costumes, grilling up burgers, and even a dog is in attendance eating relish out of a plastic container.

There are also skiers laying in the sun, a chalkboard sign boasting about the bowls being open and the "perfect powder" conditions, and shots of the old Vail gondolas and chairlifts that are truly nostalgic.

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