In the early days of snowboarding, the skiers who enjoyed various mountain resorts in Colorado had a bit of a collective uproar each time a resort began allowing the boarders on the slopes.

Since then, multiple different means of enjoying a ski mountain have been introduced, including the newest trend to hit the Colorado slopes - ski biking.

Ski Biking Has Arrived in Colorado

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As you'll see below, one of the newest trends in Colorado's various ski mountains is gaining popularity rapidly. Ski bikes are essentially exactly what they sound like with frames similar to those of a bicycle and instead of wheels and tires, there are small skis.

These bikes are designed to pivot in multiple ways which allows riders to not only be able to turn on a dime, but they can even do hockey stops in a similar way that skiers do.

Unlike the dawning of the age of snowboarding, ski bikes are fairly widely accepted across Colorado's plethora of ski resorts. For example, Vail allows ski bikes as long as there are no more than two skis and they must have metal edges, while Keystone and Breckenridge also permit them if the bike is equipped with a seat and a leash.

It's difficult to say whether or not ski bikes are here for good, but they've proven to be a fun alternative to skis and/or snowboards and many of the same tricks that BMX riders specialize in can be done on these bikes on snow.

Keep scrolling to check out what these ski bikes look like and catch some of the coolest tricks in action:

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