The term "Smokers Lounge" may take on an all new meaning if a pending bill in the state legislature moves forward.

If the bill becomes law it would allow on-site marijuana consumption at private clubs, in willing jurisdictions. Given the fact that Grand Junction is a "dry" city when is comes to the purchase of recreational marijuana, it's not likely that a pot club when be opening downtown anytime soon. However, the law's passage would be one step closer to that becoming a reality. Who needs to travel to Amsterdam when can drop into a pot club right here in Colorado?

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As of today, the state is moving ahead with a first-in-the-nation attempt to allow marijuana clubs. The proposed measure has already passed a Republican state Senate committee. As "cool", or "crazy", depending on your point of view the proposed law may be, it doesn't go far enough for some marijuana activists. That's difficult for this new Colorado resident to imagine. Walking into a store and buying weed is still a little freaky for me.

Denver is already working on rules for BYOP "Bring Your Own Pot" clubs. The cities measure does not allow indoor pot smoking, however, weed could be smoked on some outdoor patios.

That's really the question, "Where to draw the line?" When the sale is legal and that cat's out of the bag, what's next? Weed vending machines? I guess we'll find out.

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