The most pleasuring month of the year is May, why you ask? It just happens to be National Masturbation Month! Get your keyboard protector ready, and celebrate!

Don't believe us? Philadelphia is celebrating the first ever Masterbate-A-Thon 2013 to celebrate National Masturbation Month -- all for charity of course. The event kicked off Wednesday and will come to a climax on May 27th.

Sponsors have the opportunity to donate money to the "solo lovers" for every hour participants sexercise.

The money raised will be donated to local sex education groups, ScrewSmart and Pleasure Rush!.

If you're curious how much money is coming, is keeping tabs. The main goal is to remove the negativity of sexual expression, promote sexual health and accentuate the importance of pleasure.

On May 30th everyone is invited to attend "Creamium," a gameshow, dance party and award ceremony where prizes for "Most Creative Fantasy," "Most Money Raised" and "Most Pleasure Connections."

We're in, just don't invite us into your circle, if you get our drift.