A camping permit is now required for Conundrum Hot Springs.

It's one of Colorado's more beautiful and special spots.  At over 11,000 feet, a trip to Conundrum Hot Springs isn't a trip for the casual hiker. Accessing the area from Aspen is a strenuous hike of over 8 miles and 2,500 feet of elevation gain. The area is amazing and home to tons of wildlife including Bighorn Sheep, bears, mountain goats and moose. To help manage this one-of-kind place the U.S. Forest Service activated this new permit system.

"Permits will be required year-round for camping in the vicinity of Conundrum Hot Springs, an area roughly 4 miles in length that includes all of Conundrum Creek Valley from Silver Dollar Pond to Triangle Pass, including Conundrum Hot Springs," the White River National Forest said in a news release. This is the first camping permit reservation system in the 2.3-million acre White River National Forest. The permit requirement activated this week. To get more information and secure your camping spot, click HERE.

3 nights is as long as you'll be allowed to stay from June 1 to September 1. The limit is 7 nights the rest of the year. The maximum number of people allowed at each campsite is 6. There are only 17 sites available to start. 3 more sites will be added during the summer.

Overnight permits will be available according to the following schedule:

* Overnight camping permits for April 18 through July 31 are available now. Wednesday. 

* Overnight camping permits from August 1 through November 30 will be available starting on June 15.

* Overnight permits for camping December 1-March 31 will be available October 15.

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