White River National Forest installs new reservation system.

If your spring or summer hiking plans include a dip in the Conundrum Hot Springs you'll now need a permit before you hop in. A new White River National Forest reservations system starts this April. For those hoping to secure a campsite at this incredible wilderness area, you can find out more info by clicking HERE. The first round of reservations will be available on April 18 for April 18-July 31. Reservations for campsites from August 1 through November 30 will be available starting June 15.

The Aspen-Sopris Ranger District is implementing this reservation system in the hopes to ease pressure on this fragile ecosystem. The number of people allowed to camp at the hot springs will be limited to just 68. That's according to Aspen-Sopris District Ranger Karen Schroyer, "In the past, we had upward of 200 to 300 people at the busiest times spending the night around Conundrum Hot Springs."

The campsites are a premium with only 17 available to start. Each of the sites will be limited to six people. You will be limited too to the number of times you can visit. You'll be allowed to purchase just two permits per calendar year at Conundrum Hot Springs. The length of your stay will be limited to three nights between June 1 and September 1, and to seven nights the rest of the year.

The permit will cost you $10. The Forest Service rangers will patrol to make sure campers have a valid permit. The permits must be displayed at the campsite.

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