A man in Texas who decided to buy 'penile enhancement' pills at a gas station found out that penile degloving is a very real thing.

Aaron Carter found out the hard way that at 29 years old most people don't need their junk enhanced. Which has led him to sue the company behind his broken junk. It all began  last year when he bought some VirilisPro at his local gas station and he went to a motel to get it on with his mistress.

They were so passionate that in the end his junk was fractured and he was left with blood covering the room. He then went to the emergency room where his penis was 'degloved'. It is a procedure as horrifying as it sounds and left Aaron sexless and sterile for life.

A 29-year-old man has sued the manufacturers of a sexual enhancement supplement, claiming it caused his penis to fracture in a horrifying incident at Houston motel last year.

If you have the stomach and the rocks to see what a 'penile degloving' looks like copy and paste that phrase into Google images, at your own risk. Otherwise enjoy th photo of the hot chick eating a hot dog.