"Are you talking to me?!" Before you walk on home, boy, we've got some great news for Pantera fans who just feel helplessly limited by the current emoji offerings on mobile devices. Sure, the devil horns are nice (and could potentially fall by the wayside pending the results of a certain trademark application filed by Gene Simmons earlier this month), but how about something with a little more gusto? Perhaps socking someone in the face ala Vulgar Display of Power's cover?

Well, now it's all possible and your text messages will have "Strength Beyond Strength" when you send your friends these official Pantera emojis (images below), which are out now on iOS and arriving in September on Android through Emoji Fame. Want to jam with your buds? Let them now by sending them an emoji of Dimebag Darrell's Razorback guitar and a stack of amps! Looking to get rowdy on a Friday night? A couple Black Tooth Grins should let everyone know what your intentions are!

In May of last year, Emoji Fame released a series of Zakk Wylde icons, so now you can reunite two of metal's most legendary guitar players right on your phone and set them up to trade guitar licks like the old days. And how about their legendary drinking days? Wylde's abstained from alcohol in recent years, but a drink can be shared between the two in the digital realm. Cheers!

Get more details on the Pantera emojis and purchase them at iTunes.

Musically, the surviving members of Pantera have remained incredibly busy lately with Philip Anselmo involved in several projects and Vinnie Paul maintaining focus on Hellyeah. Meanwhile, Rex Brown is looking at new horizons and is on the verge of releasing his debut solo album, Smoke on This, which will be out July 28 through eOne. Listen to the new cut "Train Song" here.

Pantera Emojis

Emojia Fame
Emojia Fame

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