Stepping on Legos has nothing on this.

A Twitter user shared some photos of a room so messy she stepped on an iPhone charger whose prongs went into the bottom of her feet. That's bound to happen when your room is covered so much by a pile of -- a pile of whatever this is -- that the floor is harder to find than a high-paying job that doesn't involve medicine.

Yeah, the ol' charger in the foot injury (much like the ol' snake in the earlobe) isn't pleasant. And you thought waiting for help at the Genius Bar was painful.

No wonder it's called a charger. It provides quite a jolt when it pierces the skin.

It's time for her to upgrade to the iPhone 7 Stitches. And clean the room. That place is a total mess. She may have gotten hurt stepping on a charger, but there's a good chance there's a dead body lying around and no one has found it yet.

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