With $130,000 in tax revenue added to the cities coffers, Palisade seems to have made the right decision with recreational marijuana. How long will Grand Junction continue to hold out?

It took less than three months for the town of Palisade to rake in over $130,000 in excise tax revenue. That's with just one recreational marijuana dispensary in business. That's pacing way ahead of what the city officials had estimated. They predicied the first year's revenue at around $300,000. The extra money will go towards improvements to streets, sidewalks, stormwater upgrades, Town Hall, and work at the old high school.

The Palisade dispensary estimates that nearly half their customers are from out of state. That seems to reflect the idea of the experience is part of vacationing in Colorado. Locals are bringing their friends and family members in for the novelty. That too supports the position many believe that out-of-towners except to see shops in Grand Junction and are perplexed when there isn't any.

Grand Junction city officials need to accept the fact that the revenue dollars are just too big to continue and allow them to be funneled off to other outlining communities. I'm certain Grand Junction residents would love to see more street improvements, stormwater repairs, and money invested in the city schools.

Credit: The Daily Sentinal 


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