Don your cape and head to the Durango's Snowdown Festival.

Not many places celebrate winter like Colorado. Nearly every weekend there's something fun and entertaining to do. This weekend, it's Durango's 41st annual Snowdown Festival, this year's theme is "A Comic-Con Showdown." That's similar to the 2005's “A Superhero Snowdown” but different meaning that party-goers can can draw from many more pop-culture categories for your costume. Yes, you should dress up if you plan to attend.


This festival is massive with over 100 events! So big the event requires more than a weekend to contain. It gets underway Wednesday, January 30th and continues through February 3rd. Events include everything from the competitive to the down right bizarre. There's a "Build A Bong Contest", a local favorite is Wednesday's "Keg Cap Frisbee", there's a dodge-ball tournament, "Champagne Pong" (yes, like beer pong with sparkling wine), an adult tricycle race, a pick-up line contest, and on and on it goes. Annual events include an adult spelling bee (I would suck at that), winter-sports events, beard-growing competition, hot-wing eating contest, a scavenger hunt, and more. Check out the very long list of happenings by clicking HERE.

The festival's signature event is the annual Snowdown Light Parade. It's Friday evening at dusk. Outrageous and fun festival-themed floats roll down Main street Durango dazzling the crowds lined up along both sides. Minus winter weather, Durango's about a 3-hour drive from Grand Junction. Who says "there's never anything to do"? That's never the case in Colorado.

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