Reporter’s can be a pain in the butt, especially when they are doing a scam report on you. This lady had a very creative way of getting rid of the reporter or at least his vehicle. The reporter was doing a story about a rental scam when this lady came out to demand he leave from the public road. He didn’t leave and found himself standing on the side of the road with out any wheels.

The reporter was investigating a report from a 91 year-old-old woman that she had rented an 11 bed room house for a family reunion. The house turned out to be a five-bedroom house and couldn’t her money back.

The lady in the office didn’t like the reporter being outside on the public street doing the report so she did what any good crook would do. She took his car and drove away. She was nice enough to put his tri-pod in the vehicle and buckle up before she just drove off.

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