A business website set out to determine the best cities to live in within each state. The cities had to have more than 8,000 people. Which made the list for Colorado?

The site, 24/7 Wall Street recently put together their list of the best cities to live in (as in for best quality of life) for each state. More than two dozen factors went into the selections, but they were looking for towns, villages, and cities with 8,000 or more people.

One thing that ALL the selected cities have in common- is that they are all within commuting distance of a major metro.

Their selection for Colorado?

The site lists as reasons such as a museum, a golf course 20 parks, being able to drive to a number of ski resorts and 300 days of sunshine. That sounds like a LOT of cities in Colorado - even in NORTHERN Colorado. What's the deal?

Maybe it's the fact that households in the Town of Frederick have almost $30,000 more in income than the median income across the whole state!

Money, Money, Money!

Frederick IS a great town! Way to go, Gang!

Source: [USA Today]

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